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Lt. Adam Jacobs

Chief Security Officer: USS Kursk

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Crew Bio:


Name: Adam Jacobs




Position: Chief Security Officer


Age: 25








            Adam was born on the silent coast of a Grecian village, all his life he wanted nothing more than to join up with Starfleet and follow in his father's footsteps and become a great frontier explorer. He’s teen years where spent onboard the USS Coliseum, which was under he’s fathers command. This gave him an edge when he finally enlisted into the academy. He enlisted and was accepted right away, he excelled in nearly everything he took up, a little unsociable at times but nether the less a quite jolly person (perhaps a little too jolly if you knew him at the university...). He majored in tactical operations and minored in medical, basically he can't tell a laser scalpel from a portable med. kit.




            He is quite a loyal friend if you get to know him, and regards friendship a very sacred bond. Adam Jacobs is quite an enthusiastic person and is eager to learn about new things and willing (sometimes) to experience new things.


Physical Description:


            He stands 6 foot and has deep sea-blue eyes and chestnut colored hair.


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