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Laura Hudson

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Crew Bio:


Name: Laura Hudson               




Position: Commanding Officer              


Age: 31








Laura was born into a family of Starfleet Officers. Her father, Alexander Hudson was CO onboard the USS Nimitz –A for nine years before it was destroyed in conflict between itself and several Gorn vessels. She was 10 when her father died. Her father was declared KIA. Jenny Hudson, her mother, which to this day serves aboard Star base 41 as one of the Counselors tried to persuade Laura not to go to the academy. She sent Laura to go stay on Earth with her sister Sarah. She befriended John Dray, an old man who had been in space most of his life in Starfleet’s service.


When she finally turned 18, she left her sister behind and joined the Academy. It was tough for her as her mother gave her no support throughout her cadet training. Things got worse when she discovered that her sister had, had an accident that took her life. Things looked bad for Laura. She began considering leaving the Academy and returning home to Star Base 41. That was at least before she met Ben Malinger, a fellow fourth year cadet. They became the best of friends for the rest of their Academy careers. They both majored in Security/tactical and minored in astral-physics. Before they left the Academy they made a pack to always remain in contact with each other.


Her first stationing was aboard the USS Freedom as a Security officer. She quickly impressed the Commanding Officer which promoted her to Chief Security Officer immediately after the Old CSO’s early retirement. She stayed onboard the Freedom until she got a Transfer to the USS Nimitz – B, as Executive Officer. When her mother found out, communication between them began again.


Finally at the age of 31 she was given her own command, the USS Kursk.




Kind, generous, helpful, charismatic, flamboyant are a couple of words with which one could describe her. Other words like loyalty, understanding, decisive could also be used. In general she always tries to make the best of any situation. She likes having a happy work environment and therefore always has her door open to anyone who wishes to speak, complain, suggest or just generally pop in to say hi to her.


Physical Description:


            She is about 5ft9. She has long black hair with a blond streak at the fringe, which she styles, into a simple ponytail. She has a golden skin color. She has an athletic build and works out often to keep it like that. She has no tattoos or scars anywhere on her.


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