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Rith's Awakened
How To Join


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Firstly we only accept Mages who we reckon will be worth something to the Clan. We want innovative, creative, and motivated deck builders and mages. Since were like a family and we want each other to do well for the glorification of the Clan be prepared to give your secret deck lists in exchange for the other members lists.

First test: Build a rogue (non-net) deck and send us the deck list

If we feel this deck is good enough to validate your membership of the Clan then youre nearly in.

Second test: Be interviewed

We like your deck list and feel its good enough for you to join, but how are we sure well like you. Youll be sent numerous questions set up by Rith or by one of the senior members. Just complete it and send it back. A second set of questions may be sent if the interviewee feels its necessary. Again just answer and send back.

Third test: Play a game

If Rith or a senior member feels its necessary theyll challenge you to an on-line game. This may not always happen but if it does, it means were not sure if you should be part of us. If you beat Rith or the senior, youre almost guaranteed to be accepted.

Lastly: Reply to the form sent to you

If you get this far and youre accepted youll be sent a form. Fill in this form and send it back. Once its processed your username and log on password will be sent to you.

Congratulations if you get in.

Mail your deck lists