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USS Kursk - NCC 77491
Crew manifest


Click on the above image to go to th FAM site.

Welcome to the USS Kursk

Welcome aboard the Federation Starship the USS Kursk NCC-77491(Europa Class). The Kursk is a member of Task Force 93 S.E.A.R.C.H. (Starfleet Exploration, Archaeological, Research, Crisis and Hazards) Daystrom Group. We deal with all manner of emergencies and crises that occur within Bravo Fleet's Area of Influence.

Bravo Fleet is a Play-by-E-mail Role Playing simulation set in the STAR TREK Universe.

I am Commander Laura Hudson, CO of this fine vessel. To join the crew of the Kursk, go to the Manifest and check the open posistions. If there is a posistion click the join button or e-mail me directly at

The site is still under construction. Please be patient.

"Strength in Unity."

Special thanks to Steven Marriott( of Tango Fleet ( for the Rank Pips. Contact him for their use. Don't just rip them off. Also thanks to Brain Minosh for the above image. Click on the image to go to the FAM site.