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Alex Z.
Rick Walker
Alex Z.

Name: Alex Z.
Age: 27
Sex: Male

Physical appearance:

Alex stands at 6ft3 weighing 98Kg. He is of an athletic build with a light tan. He has long brownish hair with black streaks hanging loose like an old Rocker. He has hazel brown eyes encircling the inner green.

There is a scar running from hes left ear running across his throat to just below the right shoulder.


Demolitions expert (can rig or defuse any bomb which has been made to date.)
Light munitions expert.


Alexs surname is unknown, he is simply called Alex Z. or Alex sometimes even Z. It is rumored that he was one of the ELITEs first experiments although there is no positive conformation as he has blocked the last 11 years of his life. He has no known super-human abilities of an Alpha.

The General can tell us the only info of the blocked years:

File 209 a 67 aLex Z.
Filed by: General William Godhard
Clearance needed: Code 56

I first met Alex inside the compound during one of my rounds, he was contained like the rest of the Alphas. Strange thing was he didnt carry any ID marks, as if he was just a prisoner

During the break out he managed to escape along with the Alphas. A guard blind sided him though and slit his throat

I killed the guard but it was too late, the boy was to far gone

Two days later we found him walking on the road side, he didnt recognize me or my companion. Hes throat had healed leaving only a scar

We took him with us, he became like my son during my travels, but nothing added up. Surely the fact that he healed himself showed he was an Alpha, but it never happened again

In 2001, February we developed a technique to detect Alphas, although it didnt show any results on him, heck we couldnt prove he stood in front of us. It detected everyone else properly though; it even should point out normal humans, but nothing on Alex

Further information is coded with a level 121a clearance.

He traveled with the general for a while, helping to gather the rebellion. He took part in experiments to detect Alphas and succeeded in doing so. It didnt even pick him an as a sentient being but that never discouraged him.

He left the rebellion for a while to discover himself. Until a while ago he lived in the desert, traveling with the nomads.

No one knows anything further than that. He never talks about the past keeping it all locked inside.


He is of a stable nature, never showing signs of rage unless under huge amounts stress. He generally keeps to himself, only every now and then talking to others. Hes got a very dry sense of humor at times and likes the odd joke.
He is very charismatic and flamboyant, never giving up under even the worst looking circumstances.

"NEVER! I mean never look a Alpha in the eyes, unless you want yours missing" - Elite saying