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Alex Z.
Rick Walker
Rick Walker


NAME: Rick Walker
AGE: 23
SEX: Male

PHYSICAL DESRIPTION: Just over six foot tall with shortly trimmed bleached hair. An athletic build which suggests that he's been quite active his whole life. His blue eyes seem to drill into most people and some even think he's looking into their soul.

PHYSICAL MARKS: Has a scar about two inches long running along the back of his right shoulder.

ABILITIES: Capable of hacking into most if not all systems by the means of phreaking. He can use almost any communication device as an aid in his hacking, while making sure he can't be traced.
Secondly he's capable of sniping. Although not as great a sniper as he is phreaker/hacker he hardly ever misses a clear shot.

HISTORY: Not much is known about Rick Walker, except that General Godhard found him. At the time of his being found, he was known to wander around from place to place living on the money he phreaked from pay-phones and hacked from bank accounts. He tells great stories of his days as a wanderer but doesn't speak of his days before that. He met General Godhard after stealing money from his account while the General was inspecting something there. It didn't take long for General Godhard to realize this kid's potential and quickly helped him to find direction in his life.
Under normal circumstances Walker wouldn't have agreed to the meeting and just carried on, but after going into the General's terminal he realized what he was speaking of was the truth and quickly agreed.

PERSONALITY: Quiet and distrusting is a quick and easy way to describe him. Considering what he was doing for a living before joining this is quite understandable. Like mentioned earlier he doesn't talk of his past before he started wandering. The scar on his shoulder, is also not a subject he talks about, but suggests something happened to him. He has quite a mind when it comes to sneaking around and playing with gizmos.
Unfortunately he doesn't always obey orders. If he doesn't agree with something he won't do it, and end up following his own idea. He does however have a good mind to recognize a good plan and will help in any way possible to get his team mates out of trouble. Leaving the unsaveable behind is something he doesn't agree with, since he believes there's always a way

This is the man you should trust....
maybe not!

Life on the edge...