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The Elite
Division Alpha

Here you learn whats what scrub!

Like all good things in life this PBEM needs rules. I know it sounds like rubbish, but for it to function with some degree of "sanity" you need them.
So.... below are the rules as I can think of them (You will find they are more or less the same as your average FreeForm PBEM :)

1:: No Profanity; Please people, this isn't some adult game where you can swear and "do it" to any thing that moves. Keep t clean so all can enjoy. The resonable limit for "words" are: Crap, shit, damn, hells teeth etc.
And for the XXX in you people, let it black out before it becomes too revealing.

2:: Sub plots are welcome, aslong as they don't affect the Main Plot (atleast not too surverely) unless discussed with General Godhard first.

3:: NPC's can be used and created (Just don't try build an army without consulting General Godhard first)
They can be mangled or live, it's up to you unless it's a Suited NPC (important to the story) in which case the general will let you know when they are "expendable".

4:: You are required to post atleast twice a week, unless promoted in which case three times a week min. Please let the General know when you will be unable to post so plans can be formulated.

5:: Posting format will be explained once you join.

6:: You may use other characters (IC) in your post aslong as you don't write a whole post from their perspective. Try to keep them in character and don't put thoughts in their head.

These are it (I think) As the game progresses and the General see's fit; more rules might be added :)