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The Elite
Division Alpha


The real world

Welcome to rebel home, trust you'll have as comfortable stay as possible... My name is General Goddard I am human, as far as I know. I am incharge of this operation.

Well here's the situation. Now as we speak the "elite" as we call them are busy with human experiments. They can't be stopped by law or any of that crap, they are there yet not. Nothing this society stands for touches them.

So, we are here to be the thorn they never had.
All we be explained as you enter the different sectors of this installation.

Again welcome.

General W. Goddard

"The world you see is just a sugar coated topping .... welcome to the real world."

You are 10 to 1 wondering what al the above is about... Simple. Elite is a free form PBEM game set in the present day. A group know only as the elite has taken control of humanities future through minipulation of blood lines, economy etc. Now they decided to take human evolution into their own hands.

Okay so when you join, you join as either a Alpha (escaped elite experiment) or a human rebel.

Simple enough, so join the play testing!