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The Elite
Division Alpha

The rebels, well thats us.

This is how we got started, how we live and how we die.

In the early 1970's experiments began on infants, they where named "Alpha's" or the begining. Genetically altering their mental and physical state to the extremes.

In 1999 General W. Godhard, chief security officer on site caused a revolt allowing the Alpha's to escape. It was against all he was trained for, but he couldn't allow the project to continue.

The Alpha's went all over the world, scattered from the life they knew.

General Godhard was a wanted man. He descided to go down fighting rather that quiting. He began to travel assembling the Alpha's and any human who wished to help. So the rebellion began against the oppressors.

If you wish to join and fight for the cause, well then there is only one option: Go to the enlistment page.
If you want to join as a Alpha, go to Division Alpha, there are some character requirements.

Other than that, inlistment is your prime area.

PS Humans are cool two, they have two normal abilities, so you can hack and snipe :)

Historical files; incripted.